As one of Puget Sound’s first premium gluten-free bakeries, Olivia Superfree creates quality and delicious breads, cupcakes, pizza crusts and a plethora of sweet treats that everyone can enjoy. Our team of creative bakers takes pride in knowing that clean food, free from allergens, can be a wonderfully satisfying experience.

Superfree Breads
Now you can have Superfree breads for your customers! Quit worrying about unknown ingredients and covering all allergies. Your customers (and you) will breathe easy knowing they don’t have to think about a multitude of potential allergens and chemicals.

Superfree Sweets
Superfree desserts have been a challenge in the past. Now we can find ingredients that allow us to cover numerous allergens and offer you delicious, carefree desserts.

Superfree Food Service
You no longer have to carry numerous different products to satisfy the growing needs of allergy free customers. Our products cover them all. You will save money using our product line in your food establishment or grocery store. Call us for a free sampling and see for yourself.

Using the best natural ingredients available, we specialize in products that are: 

trans fat-free
canola oil-free