olivia superfree products are great for everyone and are free of all main allergens, and then some! purchase our product and cover all of your bases! your customers will appreciate that you are carrying items that are safe and delicious for them and their loved ones! 

Our products are easily available for wholesale! we sell to all kinds of businesses, including: grocery stores, restaurants, catering companies, schools, and more. you can set up an account with our distributor, have cases shipped to you, or pick them up from our location in everett!


superfree breads

handmade breads for your customers

need help with ways to integrate our products into your business? ask us! we have extensive experience putting our products to work in many different ways. we're happy to help you get creative and provide your customers with a great eating experience! contact us for details!

we distribute our products through:

Specialty Frozen Distribution


available at our everett location from 8AM - 1:30PM daily. please give 24 hours notice so that we can make sure to have the items you need!